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Classical, instrumental, experimental, synthesizer, acoustic, new age, folk.
Sub-genres: Classical - nocturne, Classical - fantasia, Modern classical.
Year when I started with music: 2015, mostly piano music. It went more "serious" 2017. After that have more instruments been joining my compositions Vinkar
Musical instruments: Viola, piano/keyboard, organ/electric organ, guitar, ukulele, banjolele (banjo-ukulele), melodica.


I compose music, classical and experimental music. I mix traditional classical instruments such as viola, piano/keyboard and guitar, but also synthesizer, ukulele and banjolele etc. I have a quite big archive of own songs, but I working on to make them ready for recording. My compositions are not perfect, but I am learning all the time! Right now I'm studying music theory and music composition to learn even more about music...

Down below you can find my own composed songs.

I do also publish covers of other composers music too, but I do re-compose them sometimes.


My music

"Music is my way to communicate. Words are hard stuff. Music is my language"


My discography and links down below!

Musings (EP)

Bandcamp: Link to this EP! 

1. Midnight stars
2. Dark musings
3. Vinter viola - live recording
4. Midnight stars - live recording

Composed songs by Tricio Johansson

Performed on keyboard/synth, piano, viola and cello

Release date october 24, 2018


Singles from this EP

Midnight stars (release 24/10-18): Soundcloud / Avoranic Music (Bandcamp) / Indie Sound

Dark musings (original release 4/3-17, new release 24/10-18): Soundcloud / ReverbNation

Somber (single)

Bandcamp: Link to this track!

Composed by Tricio Johansson / Avoranic Music

Performed on viola (2 violas)

Release date november 3rd ,2018

Also available on Soundcloud and Indie sound

The somber autumn experiment (EP)


Sound experiments (EP)

Bandcamp: Link to this EP! 

1. Canon in D
2. Somewhere in my memory - Viola version
3. Somewhere in my memory - Viola & Piano live
4. Bourrée
5. Choral fantasy - Ukulele version
6. Choral fantasy - Ukulele & Piano live
7. Minuet in G Major - live recording

Re-composed covers by Tricio Johansson

Performed on keyboard/synth, piano, viola, ukulele and electric organ

Release date october 24, 2018


Singles from this EP

Canon in D (original release 13/8-18): Soundcloud

Midnight stars

Video for my track "Midnight stars" (From the EP "Musings"). You can also listen for free or donate to the track on Bandcamp. This video was published before my EP was released so I hadn't changed my name yet. That's why it's my old name in the video.


Visit my Swedish music page for information about my gigs. I do only play in small events in my local town in Sweden.

A few of my videos

A few of my videos, down below.

Somewhere in my memory (Home alone) on piano

Amazing grace (psalm) on viola and piano

Samples of piano, ukulele, viola & guitar in a video